The project is divided in five work packages: AP1 and AP2 determine the direct and indirect impacts of energy systems on water resources with the aid of four case studies. Additionally steering mechanisms to improve the efficiency of water consumption are developed. Results are used for global spatial analysis of water consumption in AP3. Local decision makers are provided with the results in AP4. The fifth AP includes the coordination of the project. Close cooperation exists with regional and international practice partners within the case studies in AP1, AP3 and AP4, who help with the provision of data and information and evaluate the applicability of project results. The integration of theory and practice wants to sensitize energy producers for water consumption competitions and help to improve water consumption efficiency. An example is the development of steering mechanisms for optimizing the usage of weirs in cascade in terms of energy generation AND water availability considering usage competitions.

Overview and interaction of the work packages in WANDEL

Overview and interaction of the work packages in WANDEL.