Contact person: Prof. Dr. Claudia Pahl-Wostl (USF)

Involved project partners: CESR, UNU-EHS, WI, mundialis


AP2 identifies necessary regulatory framework conditions to ensure achievement of the water and energy security objectives in the case studies and on a global scale. New aspects of governance are deduced e.g. by means of water and energy security indicators. This is followed by the preparation of an evaluation approach used to evaluate indicators with regard to their significance in decision making processes. After inventory analysis and evaluation of indicators on a national and international level, analysis of documents and interviews with expert follow in the case studies. To evaluate the effectiveness of governance systems an integrative analytical framework shall be developed. It aims at the identifikation of innovative governance instruments regarding water management with a view to improved handling of supply risks.

indikatorensystem wasser energie sicherheit landwehr stand 07022018

Working version of the indicator systems water-energy-security. The illustration (status: 07.02.2018) was created by Tobias Landwehr, USF, and will be further developed during the progression of the project.